About Us

Next Frontier Biosciences (NFB) is a Colorado-based biotech company developing best-in-class purified cannabinoid products for the treatment of chronic pain and other serious medical conditions.

•  Bringing advanced formulation sciences to the world of medical cannabis

•  Building premium brand targeting multi-billion dollar medical cannabis and pain management markets

•  Commercially ready now with products available in both Colorado and California

•  Leveraging proprietary formulations and premium brand strategy to become global leader in medical cannabis

Innovative Product Development Program

At Next Frontier Biosciences, we believe that scientific formulation is the key to developing safer and more effective cannabinoid treatments.

Addressing Critical Unmet Needs

We are committed to developing next-generation cannabinoid products for patients with significant unmet needs.

Highly Experienced Management Team

Our management team has over 80 years of senior executive and drug development experience in the biotech industry.



We are setting new standards in cannabis product safety and effectiveness

Next Frontier Biosciences is not just another cannabis company in a crowded space.

At Next Frontier Biosciences, we are reshaping the industry by using advanced pharmaceutical methods to develop purified cannabinoid products for nasal, sublingual and transdermal administration.


Unlike anything on the market today, our products are scientifically formulated to provide accurate dosing, improved bioavailability and optimized cannabinoid profiles for fast acting and consistent results.


In addition, our unique modes of administration are discreet and effective, while providing both medical and recreational cannabis users with desirable alternatives to smoking, vaporizing or eating cannabis-infused products.


At Next Frontier Biosciences, we have an unyielding commitment to scientific excellence and integrity in everything that we do! That’s why we are pursuing a traditional scientific approach to product development that includes advanced purification, analytical and chemical formulation methods.


We believe that cannabinoid purification and scientific formulation are the keys to developing safer and more effective cannabinoid treatments.

Benefits of Cannabinoid Purification

•  Isolates specific cannabinoids (such as THC, CBD, CBN) and/or terpenes of therapeutic value


•  Removes chemical impurities that adversely affect drug formulation, absorption and bioavailability


•  Allows for recombination of purified cannabinoids and/or terpenes into precisely known ratios


•  Leverages the “entourage effect” between cannabinoids which helps mitigate the psycho-activity of THC

Benefits of Scientific Formulation

•  Combines active ingredients with pharmaceutical excipients to improve chemical solubility, stability and taste


•  Improves bioavailability, meaning more drug is absorbed into the bloodstream at lower dosages


•  Creates formulations specifically designed and optimized for nasal and sublingual administration


•  Produces well-characterized products that are accurate, consistent and reproducible

By leveraging an innovative development program and highly experience management team, Next Frontier Biosciences’s products are well positioned to be the gold standard in trusted cannabis products.


We are addressing the significant unmet need for true medical-grade cannabinoid products

Chronic pain is a widespread public health issue affecting approximately 100 million Americans per year.

In most cases, the use of standard analgesic drugs such as opiates and NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) is ineffective at relieving chronic pain. Further, the long-term use of most conventional pain relievers, including acetaminophen, opioids and NSAIDs, is associated with a host of potential adverse side effects, including stroke, erectile dysfunction and heart-attack. Even more alarming is the fact that overdose deaths due to prescription opioids have more than tripled in the past 20 years, escalating to nearly 19,000 deaths in the US in 2014.


As a result, there is a critical unmet need for new analgesic drugs with lower risk of tolerance and abuse.


In a recent review of randomized controlled trials (RCTs) examining cannabinoids for the treatment of chronic non-cancer pain, the authors concluded that 22 of 29 RCTs demonstrated that cannabinoids were safe and moderately effective for the treatment of chronic pain. In addition, a recent University of Michigan study found that patients using medical cannabis to control chronic pain reported a 64 percent reduction in their use of prescription opioids.


Thus, cannabis and cannabinoid-based treatments have significant analgesic potential. Unfortunately, the vast majority of today’s products – including marijuana flowers, oils, edibles and tinctures – are highly impure and poorly characterized, which adversely affects dosing accuracy, quality, consistency and product safety. This makes them poor choices for medical treatments. In fact, the National Institute of Health (NIH) recently acknowledged that “the use of an unprocessed plant or crude extract, in which constituents vary and dosing is difficult to control, would not be an optimal design for a medication.”


That’s why Next Frontier Biosciences is focused on developing best-in-class purified cannabinoid products for the treatment of chronic pain and other serious medical conditions such as depression, anxiety and insomnia. Our products are scientifically formulated to provide accurate dosing, improved bioavailability and optimized cannabinoid profiles in safe, effective and discreet modes of administration.

At Next Frontier Biosciences, our goal is to become global leaders in the market for next-generation cannabinoid products, helping to improve people’s wellbeing.