28 Jul 2017

Next Frontier Biosciences’ Kris Chupka Presents at North American Chemical Residue Workshop in Tampa, FL

Kris Chupka, Director of Analytical Chemistry at Next Frontier Biosciences was the keynote speaker for the SCIEX luncheon at the recent North American Chemical Residue Workshop (NACRW) in Tampa, Florida. Chupka addressed how to accurately measure cannabinoid potency and perform trace analysis of raw materials for contaminants (i.e. pesticides and aflatoxins). Chupka also discussed how to evaluate unknown components of interest such as terpenes and flavonoids using Mass Spectrometry and Hi-Resolution Liquid Chromatography.


Click here to view the presentation: Potency, Terpenes and Pesticides Analysis Using High Resolution LC-MS/MS: Results and Comparison to Alternative Analytical Methodologies

28 Jul 2017

The Weed Blog highlights Next Frontier Biosciences in an article on novel delivery technologies

Gone are the days when the benefits of cannabis could only be obtained through smoking flower. Today scientists have devised a myriad of ways to enjoy the medicinal value of cannabis, including nasal, sublingual and topical delivery methods.


As research and funding for cannabis research becomes more easily available in America, consumers can expect more biotech professionals moving into the cannabis business. Rooted in biotech, this next wave of cannabis products use scientific approaches to get the dosing just right.



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05 Jul 2017

Cannabis Business Executive: Infused Products – What’s Next?

At the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) recent cannabis business summit in Oakland, a panel of industry leaders, including Nancy Whiteman, co-founder & co-owner, Wana Brands; Marc Graboyes, co-founder and CEO, Next Frontier Biosciences; and Charles Jones, CEO, LucidMood; revealed what’s on the horizon for producers of infused products, as well as tips for how to keep up with latest trends. Common threads that each of the panelists addressed were Experience vs. Class Specific, Cannabinoid Ratios & Stacking, Purification, Micro Dosing, and Advanced Formulations. Read more….Cannabis Business Executive