16 Jan 2018

CFN Media Interviews Next Frontier Biosciences

CFN Media Interviews Next Frontier Biosciences

Research and development into medicinal cannabis has grown by leaps and bounds since the rise of legalization. Next Frontier Biosciences is a biotech firm specializing in the creation of best-in-class purified cannabinoid products specifically designed for the medical markets. Using advanced formulation sciences, the company has already introduced a line of sublinguals, nasal mists, and topicals to the cannabis industry. The Verra Wellness line of products is meant to help new consumers ease into cannabis consumption.


CFN Media recently sat down with Next Frontier Co-Founder and CEO, Marc Graboyes, and Vice President, Pharmaceutical Development, Dorothy “Dot” Colagiovanni, Ph.D. , to learn more about the company’s impressive scientific and research-based approach to cannabis product development.


Rachelle Gordon: What is the history of Next Frontier Biosciences?


Marc Graboyes: Myself, along with my partner Paul Johnson, came together to bring advanced sciences to the cannabis industry; we recruited Dot a short time later before we founded Next Frontier in late 2014. We’ve been actively pursuing formulation sciences and product development for the last two and half years to the point where we are now launching our first line of branded products in Colorado this week.


The name of the line is Verra Wellness, which offers purified cannabinoid products for nasal, sublingual, and topical delivery. We’re really excited to launch in Colorado, and then we’ll be pursuing a multi-state expansion strategy with the goal of licensing our propriety formulations and brand identity in multiple states with a focus on California, Oregon, Washington and Nevada.


We are a group of former biotech executives and research scientists who are bringing advanced formulation sciences to the cannabis industry, working with highly purified cannabinoids and scientifically formulating them for improved delivery. We also are an IP holding company and provide brand management.


RG: What is the benefit of Verra Wellness for the end user?


MG: It’s really the fact that the Verra Wellness purified cannabinoid products are so accurate, consistent, and convenient for microdosing, which allows you to achieve the maximum benefit with the minimum dose. We are providing alternative modes of administration for people who don’t want to smoke, vaporize, or eat cannabis products and we like think the products are kind of sexy. They look great, they’re very convenient, and discreet. If you have a soccer mom that just wants to throw a discreet container in her purse that’s pretty easy to do and doesn’t have that sort of stigma associated with smoking or vaporizing.


Dot Colagiovanni: Our tag line is Derived From Truth. The word Verra comes from the French word meaning derived from truth; this is who we are philosophically. We’re coming to this industry trying to be transparent, and upfront with what we’re doing, all while providing really good science and hard data to take the industry to the next level of that credibility.


RG: What else sets Next Frontier apart from potential competitors?


DC: First of all, we’ve developed consistent, reliable, and safe products that we think will benefit consumers. We didn’t come into it like a lot of people do having already been in the industry or come into it from business standpoint. We took a different approach: coming from the science side of it. We felt that’s where our strength is and we all know how to develop drugs; the difference between making a cannabis product and making a pharmaceutical product isn’t that big. Our team has the expertise.


MG: Another thing that really sets us apart is our target audience/market. We’re not going after the traditional cannabis consumer who is simply looking to “get high.” We’re looking to provide much more of a therapeutic wellness benefit, whether it’s on the recreational or medical side. We like to target those who were previously scared by the stigma of cannabis, making it a lot more approachable while providing great branding where people would be excited and proud to be carrying our products with them. We are trying to bring new people into the market.

See the full interview on the CannabisFN website.

11 Jan 2018

5280: Denver’s Digital Health Boom

5280: Denver’s Digital Health Boom

The latest issue of 5280 Magazine features Colorado marijuana companies harnessing cutting-edge tech to deliver more personalized treatment to patients all over the world–and Next Frontier Biosciences was included! View the feature below and on the 5280 website.


The Problem: Inconsistent doses of MJ

The Solution: Some Coloradans consume marijuana as a substitute for antidepressants. It’s called “microdosing”—taking 0.3 to just under five milligrams as opposed to the state-recommended dose of 10 milligrams for recreational use. The issue, whether you smoke or eat the pot, is measuring out a consistent dose. Not only do Next Frontier scientists engineer marijuana that delivers the same level of THC every time, but the Denver company’s Verra Wellness brand also packages the cannabis in nasal mist and sublingual (under the tongue) spray canisters. Both of those areas absorb THC quickly, ensuring you don’t overindulge due to a delayed response.

10 Jan 2018

Cannabis Business Executive: 2017 Recap and New Year’s Wishes from Cannabis Industry Leaders

To kick off the new year, Cannabis Business Executive asked several cannabis industry pioneers and leaders to share their wishes and predictions for the industry in 2018. Marc Graboyes, Co-Founder and CEO of Next Frontier Biosciences was among those featured in the article.


His predictions and wishes for 2018 are below:


“For 2018, I’m excited to see the cannabis industry continue embracing the power of scientific research and development to develop safer and more effective cannabinoid based products. I expect the industry to more deeply explore the benefits of cannabinoid purification and scientific formulation in the quest for cleaner and more well-characterized products that are free from the harmful effects associated with smoking. As we educate the public about the therapeutic benefits of cannabinoids, we will see patients trading in their dangerous opioids for safer cannabinoid-based products. With these improvements, the health and wellness communities will take notice of the important work the cannabis industry is doing, allowing us to expand our reach and spread the word to more individuals about how cannabis-based products can help improve their lives.


In the coming year, we will see the industry place a stronger emphasis on research, promoting a scientific evidence-based approach that will allow us to learn more about the vast potential of the plant. Contributing to the growing body of literature on cannabis will help us build and expand upon our current knowledge while informing our future efforts. As an industry, we will continue advocating for sensible legislation so that we can turn back the damage wreaked by prohibition and eventually overcome the negative stigma surrounding cannabis altogether. In turn, we will foster an academic dialogue that elevates the industry to the highest standards of excellence and cultivate a positive nationwide discourse.”


To read the full article, visit Cannabis Business Executive.

03 Jan 2018

Dr. Dot Colagiovanni Named Among Top Ten Influential Women to Meet at the NCIA Seed to Sale Show

Dr. Dot Colagiovanni Named Among Top Ten Influential Women to Meet at the NCIA Seed to Sale Show

Congratulations to Next Frontier’s Vice President of Pharmaceutical Development, Dr. Dot Colagiovanni, who has been named one of the top ten most influential women to meet at this year’s NCIA Seed to Sale Show, taking place in Denver on February 7th and 8th.


Dr. Colagiovanni will be presenting at the conference on February 7th from 11:15 am-12:30 pm in a session titled “Controlling Terpenes and Cannabinoids in Flower and Extract.” For more details, visit the 2018 NCIA Seed to Sale Show website.